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My name is Dr. Trevor Hennessey and I am an FRCPC Anesthesiologist who works at the Centre de santé et de services sociaux de Gatineau (CSSSG) in Gatineau, Quebec. I have a great interest in medical education, both for trainees as well as for patients and to that end I have created this website to serve as a repository of information and links to anesthesia related resources.

For trainees in anesthesia I hope this information will help further your knowledge of anesthesia and assist with your discussions with patients.

For patients I hope that the information included here may help remove some of the fear of the unknown when it comes to having an anesthetic for a surgery or procedure. My goal is to provide a starting point for discussion with your medical providers.

I recognize that this website is rather ugly and only contains a limited amount of information at this time but it is a work in progress and with my hospital work averaging between 48 and 88hrs each week the amount of time I can commit to this project is limited.

I am sorry, but I am unable to offer medical advice or information by e-mail.


Dr. Trevor Hennessey, MD, FRCPC - Anesthesiology


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